Kevin O’Neil
Retirement Planning Advisor
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Kevin O’Neil is a Chartered Financial Consultant and Accredited Investment Fiduciary. He began his retirement planning services career in 1980. About 20 years ago, he decided to advise independent of Wall Street banks, investment and insurance companies. This allows him to provide completely objective, unbiased advice to his clients. Kevin genuinely works for you – not the shareholders of another interest.

If you are within 10 years of retirement, Kevin is the right financial coach for you. Working with Kevin is not about working off of the same checklist that everyone else uses. He will work to identify the person you want to be in your retirement. You will walk through the tough questions and challenges that go beyond a plan and add up to the retirement that meets your goals.


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Kevin's Story

“My father died when I was five years old, leaving me, my mother and four siblings, ages 12 to 9 months. Fortunately, he had the proper financial plan in place-my mother never remarried yet saw each of us graduate from college. I learned, first hand, the importance of financial planning. I’ve dedicated my career to helping others make sure they have made plans to meet life’s challenges, strive to see them realize the highest financial value at the lowest possible cost.”

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