Your Full-Service Registered Investment Advisor


Retirement Planning Guru provides retirement planning services that set you up for a satisfying and rewarding retirement. Kevin O’Neil is an independent Registered Investment Advisor who will help you to develop a comprehensive retirement plan that includes a financial strategy. He will review your plan and refine it with you every year, both before and after you retire.

Your retirement is at risk. If you are within 10 years of retirement age, chances are you need to reassess your retirement planning because it is likely not adequate to meet your future needs. Retirement Planning Guru will help you address the critical issues that matter. Failure to address the right issues now will, most likely, mean a less than desirable retirement.

The Right Financial Planning for Your Retirement

Retirement Planning Guru will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. Products and services are selected based on your best interests. Investments are made through Fidelity, a family-owned investment bank.

Kevin will work with you through the 16 management challenges that are central to retirement planning.  He is an experienced professional who will coach you through retirement planning for about the same cost you’re currently paying for services that are not targeted to your stage in your work life or your approaching retirement.

Why You Want to Work with an Independent Registered Investment Advisor

Held to the “Fiduciary Standard”

Independent Registered Investment Advisors are held to the fiduciary standard. Defined in the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, the fiduciary standard requires independent advisors to keep the best interests of our clients in mind at all times. In fact, as an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, I am legally required to put my client’s interest first—and always act accordingly. That ensures that planning your retirement is guided only by your goals.

Provider Agnostic

Independent advisors are not bound to offer particular retirement planning providers such as record keepers, investment products, or services. This provides clients with confidence – you can trust that the products and services that I recommend are in your best interests.

Accountable Only to My Clients

My business is built on deep personal relationships. I want to understand each your retirement planning needs and goals. I value my client relationships and hold myself accountable to you, not the shareholders of large investment banks.

Full Disclosure of Costs

Independent advisors typically operate on a fee-based compensation model—which is simple, transparent, and competitively priced. You are not paying for layers of management and expensive advertising.

Experts Working in Collaboration

I serve as the “quarterback” of a team of advisors and experts in a broad range of fields, financial and otherwise, who are part of your retirement planning. No situation is too complex or complicated. I help sort it out and prioritize it.