16 Management Challenges that Lead to the Retirement You Want


Retirement Planning Guru provides retirement planning services that set you up for a satisfying and rewarding retirement. Kevin O’Neil is an independent Registered Investment Advisor who helps you solve 16 management challenges that lead to the retirement you want.

Kevin helps you to develop a comprehensive retirement plan that includes a financial strategy. He will review your plan and refine it with you every year, both before and after you retire.

Kevin works as an independent investment advisor. Products and services are selected based on your best interests. Investments are made through Fidelity, a family-owned investment bank.

Retirement Planning Guru will give you the clarity and confidence you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. We will work with you through the 16 management challenges that are central to retirement planning:

Management Challenge 1: Budget.

Have I established an annual budget of income and expenses?

Management Challenge 2: Social Security.

Have I decided when to begin receiving Social Security income and what the projected amount will be? Have I factored the projected 25% decrease in Social Security income in 2034 into my retirement plan?

Management Challenge 3: Medicare.

Have I decided which Medicare option(s) I will choose and the cost of each? Have I factored the projected 25% decrease in Medicare benefits in 2028 into my retirement plan?

Management Challenge 4: Legal Issues.

Are my medical directives, will, trusts, power of attorney, and buy-sell agreement in good order with current laws and in the hands of the executor and trustees of my estate?

Management Challenge 5: Survivors’ Guide.

Have I completed, delivered, and discussed with my survivor(s) the detailed instructions on how to handle my affairs when I die?

Management Challenge 6: Risk Assessment.

Am I prepared for risk of loss in the areas of illness, liability, longevity, death, disability, income, property, casualty, and assisted living?

Management Challenge 7: Identity Theft Protection.

How am I protecting my assets and identity from cyber theft?

Management Challenge 8: Taxation.

How am I achieving maximum tax efficiency?

Management Challenge 9: Business Sale.

How will I realize the maximum value of my business when I sell it?

Management Challenge 10: E-Safe.

Are my essential documents electronically available at all times?

Management Challenge 11: Inflation.

How will my retirement planning keep pace with inflation?

Management Challenge 12: Wealth/Cash Flow Analysis.

Can I produce an analysis that shows, to the dollar, my wealth accumulation and cash flow from today until the day I die?

Management Challenge 13: Savings.

Are my accumulated savings, savings rate, and location correct?

Management Challenge 14: Investments.

How is my investment strategy aligned with my wealth/cash flow analysis and savings? Are they calculated for a probability of success?

Management Challenge 15: Early/Partial Retirement.

How can I afford to retire early or semi-retire?

Management Challenge 16: Legacy.

When I leave this earth, what will be my legacy? What will I leave behind? How will I be remembered?

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